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Landscape Design has more components than you might think, at first glance. For starters, you need to begin with the right type of grass for your yard. You then need to irrigate it, weed it, fertilize it, mow it properly and pick up leaves in fall. The articles below will help you identify your problems and possibly assist you with different tips. Maple Leaf Landscaping wants nothing more than to provide you with best information and the best yard. Contact Us About Any Of Your Landscaping Needs!

Retaining Walls - Techniques For Improving a Sloped Lawn

A sloped yard can limit your landscaping options and prove difficult to work with, but there are several ways to flatten or otherwise improve a steep lawn. The most popular solutions include creating a series of terraces, building retaining walls, and planting slope-inclined groundcovers or grasses. { READ MORE }

Fire Pits - A Great Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

Being outdoors in the summer is one of the greatest aspects of the season. In the summer people have the ability to be outside and be comfortable during that time. However, sometimes summer nights can tend to get a little cool, but it would still be great to have a way to stay outside even as it cools down. { READ MORE }

Shrubs to Border Your Garden

If you are thinking of creating a shrub area in your garden you can plant them along the borders on their own or as mixed borders - with other plants and perennial plants. For mixed borders you can use the rhododendron or ornamental pear shrub. { READ MORE }

The Benefits Of Landscaping From Start To Finish

Landscaping has many benefits and the right layout can really draw a lot of positive attention. Different configurations and pieces allow someone to express themselves by using their lawn as a canvas. The finest piece of landscaping accessory is the bridge. { READ MORE }

How Landscaping Can Help You Secure Your Home

Typically, when a homeowner thinks of home security, the first thing that comes to mind is some type of alarm system. While this is certainly a great option, one that can protect a family while home or on vacation, there are other options for home security.{ READ MORE}

Tips For Green Lawn Care

If you know a bit about green lawn care, you can enjoy a long, healthy lawn life that is beautiful. The fact is that to have a great looking lawn, you need to know the tips and tricks of maintaining it and that takes some work and education.{ READ MORE }

Maybe It’s Time To Look At Landscaping Your Massachusetts Or Connecticut Home Differently. Why?

A professionally designed, prepared, installed and maintained landscape using quality plant material is not only a work of art but it is also a property investment. { READ MORE }

Are You Ready To Increase The Value Of Your Massachusetts Or Connecticut Property With Landscaping?

Keep an eye on Massachusetts Or Connecticut home values. A home's landscaping can affect how quickly your house will sell — and what buyers are willing to pay { READ MORE }

Why Landscape In Massachusetts Or Connecticut?

To increase the “usability” of your yard. By adding a deck, patio, walkway or garden, you are increasing the useable space and “personal value” of your home. { READ MORE }

Patio Landscaping

Landscaping your patio area is something that you can change every year if you want to. If you want to add a new patio or make over an old patio, then you need to start with a fresh surface of brick, concrete, or stone. { READ MORE }

Why A Paver Is A Great Alternative To A Wood Deck?

The reason to use a paver is that with it, if you need to move it it’s completely doable without a lot of trouble. For instance, if you needed to redesign... { READ MORE }

Why Hire A Landscaping Contractor

There are many factors that may lead you to believe you need to hire a landscaping contractor. As a general rule, if your project will require... { READ MORE }



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